Renew BOC Accreditation

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Click on the image above to view a video on the process of reaccreditation.


In compliance with CMS requirements, BOC accredited facilities must be reaccredited every three years. You will need to submit your reaccreditation application, required documentation, and accreditation fees. Please submit this information 4-6 months prior to your expiration date so we can get started on your reaccreditation as soon as possible. The reaccredition process is the same as the accreditation process


Annual Accreditation Updates

accreditation renewalWhile BOC-accredited facilities and pharmacies don't have to pay annual renewal fees, they should update their information annually. We've made this process as straightforward and effortless as possible for you. Email us at to let us know of any questions or concerns you might have, and how we can support you in your efforts to renew your accreditation.

In order to meet annual renewal requirements without unnecessary delay, include the following:

  • Proof that care provider(s) is/are currently licensed or certified in order to practice in their profession (as required by law or regulation);

  • Copy of current business licenses;

  • Copy of certificate of liability insurance listing BOC as a certificate holder;

  • Additional employees, if any;

  • A change of location, if applicable (you may need to submit an update application); and

  • Any change in ownership, if applicable (you may need to submit an update application).

NOTE: BOC's policies and standards, as well as standards set forth by the Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS), are updated periodically. BOC-accredited suppliers have an ongoing obligation to adhere to these policies and standards; non-compliance may result in revocation of accreditation.



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