DMEPOS and Pharmacy Application Used to apply for a DMEPOS or Pharmacy business
O&P Accreditation Application Used to apply for an O&P business

Policies and Procedures

Fraud, Waste, and Abuse (FWA) Case Procedures Establishes the rules and procedures governing the investigation and resolution of alleged violations of the BOC Accreditation Standards, including the resulting disciplinary measures BOC may apply to businesses found to have violated these
Fraud, Waste, and Abuse (FWA) Charge Statement Used to submit a FWA complaint against a BOC-accredited business or a business currently in the accreditation process. You must include a detailed description of factual allegations that support the charges against the


Standards – Facility Accreditation The standards which BOC-accredited businesses must
Standards – Pharmacy The standards which BOC-accredited Pharmacy businesses must

Survey Checklist

Site Survey Checklist Used to prepare for your on-site survey when applying for DME & HME
Site Survey Checklist – Boutique Used to prepare for your on-site survey when applying for a Mastectomy business
Site Survey Checklist – Pharmacy Used to prepare for your on-site survey when applying for a Pharmacy business

Update Your Information

Reassignment Application Used to switch your business accreditation to a BOC
Relocation Application Used to update the location of your BOC-accredited business. To verify that your new location meets all applicable standards, BOC will send a site surveyor to your new
Name Change Form Change form for BOC-accredited
Additional Product Category Application Used to indicate the categories you would like to add to your accredited business listing. Certain product categories will require additional