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BOC offers six professional certifications.

For an overview of each BOC certification, select one of the following:







Orthotic Fitter Mastectomy Fitter


Preparing for BOC Certification

Each of BOC's certification programs varies in terms of scope of practice, as do the eligibility requirements and exam processes. Education, work experience requirements, and examinations reflect job practice analyses for your profession. Some of BOC's exams are multiple choice, while others are more extensive, testing your technical and practical knowledge or hands-on skills through computer-based simulation and video practice.

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BOC takes pride in helping you become a certified professional as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. To help you know what to expect, an overview of the certification process is described below. Select a certification above to learn more about the specific certification that interests you.

Prior to applying, please carefully consider the following process for earning your certification.


1. Review education and experience prerequisites.

Please note that as of July 31, 2016, BOC no longer accepts new applications for the Orthotist, Prosthetist, and Pedorthist certification programs. Read more hereEach certification program requires specific levels of education and experience. Visit the "Eligibility Prerequisites" section of each certification program for details. You will need to verify that you meet the requirements by submitting the appropriate documentation with your application.


2. Complete and submit your application.

Be sure to thoroughly prepare and review all the documentation that will be submitted with your application, including your proof of education. You may submit all of your certification program fees with your application. However, only the application fee is required for application processing. Review the certification payment information page for more details.


3. Take your exam preparation needs into consideration.

Once your application is approved, you will receive notification of your eligibility to sign up for your exam(s). The letter you receive will provide details on how to sign up. BOC offers year-round testing for all computer-based exams, which means you don't have to wait for a brief testing window. Please take into consideration the time you will need to be away from work to travel to the test location and take the exam, as well as the time you may need to study for the exam.  For more information on what to expect at your PSI testing facility, watch the PSI Candidate Experience video



4. Complete your certification examinations.

BOC examinations are designed to ensure that you are qualified to fulfill your program’s scope of practice. Each certification program's process varies. You will need to complete between one and three exams, depending on your program. Consult the exam schedule for information on each examination. For Multiple Choice and Clinical Simulation Examinations, you will receive your results instantly at the testing facility.

In the event you need to retake an exam, you will need to submit the Examination Payment Form. You then can retake your exam 90 days following your original exam date. 


Once certified, you will need to stay up to date in your certification program by earning Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Meeting your continuing education requirements for the current cycle and paying your renewal fees annually will enable you to maintain your status as a BOC-certified professional.


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"My relationship with BOC started back in 1985. Since then, my BOC certification has opened avenues to the best training and opportunities in the industry and beyond. As BOC has grown, so have I. Thanks BOC!"

Theresa McLeod, COF, CMF

  • Boutique Manager, Evelyn H. Lauder Breast Center, New York, NY

"I really appreciate what you guys do and have done for the O&P field over the last several years.  I am very privileged to be a part of the group and look forward to working in and with this field and association."

Jason Eddy, BOCP, LOP

  • Snell Prosthetics and Orthotics, Hot Springs National Park, AR