BOC and NextLOGiK Join Forces to Create and Test Mobile Compliance Device

April 14, 2014

NextLOGiK, a Columbia, Md.-based technology company, recently launched CompWALK, a mobile-ready, online software platform that allows organizations to measure compliance with regulations, industry standards, and corporate benchmarks. The data collected is recorded and processed in real time, regardless of platform (web or mobile), eliminating any delay and allowing decision-makers to respond immediately.

BOC is very proud to be a CompWALK customer and we are already benefiting from this product. As an organization that administers certification and accreditation credentials for practitioners and suppliers of comprehensive orthotic and prosthetic care and durable medical equipment services, part of our accrediting process is surveying facilities when they apply for accreditation.

Jeff Price, our chief operating officer, worked with NextLOGiK to design the application and facilitate field testing of the device with the surveyors who inspect facilities applying for BOC accreditation. Since implementation, the CompWALK product has streamlined and optimized the surveyors’ jobs.

“Prior to our engagement with CompWALK, our surveyors were required to carry multiple devices with them to perform on-site inspections. In addition to the equipment load, their survey reports took hours of staff time to review and evaluate,” said Jeff Price, MCP, chief operating officer at BOC.

“With CompWALK, our surveyors only need one device, and our staff has the results almost immediately after the inspection is completed. What once required multiple systems and countless hours to produce one survey report is now done within a single, secured, and intuitive system and all within the timeframe of a routine inspection. CompWALK enables BOC to provide faster and friendlier customer service, while creating operational efficiencies at a fraction of the cost.”

BOC is committed to providing the highest level of customer services to our certificants and accredited facilities. We were recently awarded our second consecutive Stevie Award for Sales & Customer Service in the “Best Use of Technology” category. Our relationship with CompWalk will continue to deliver on that promise. For more information on CompWALK, please visit their website at