BOCP Certification Process

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1. As of July 31, 2016, BOC no longer accepts new applications for this certification program.

2. BOCP candidates will receive notification of approval to begin their exam series following receipt of examination payment. 

BOCP Exam Series

The BOCP examination series has been developed to ascertain your competence as a prosthetist. The examinations have been developed in conjunction with accomplished subject matter experts and authorities in the field, as well as item writers, psychometricians and test development professionals. Test questions and procedures are based on national job requirements as determined based on an analysis of practice conducted by BOC every five years. BOC exam preparation resources are available to assist you in preparing and studying for your examinations.

The Prosthetist Detailed Content Outline provides a comprehensive description of all practice areas on which you will be tested. Instructions are available to help you fully utilize the outline for exam preparation purposes. The Prosthetist Detailed Content Outline and Outline Instructions can be used to prepare for both the multiple choice and clinical simulation exams. 

BOC offers instant scoring for all computer-based examinations, and BOC administers these exams year round. That means that as a BOC certification candidate:

  •  You’ll enjoy the convenience of taking your multiple-choice and clinical simulation exams when you’re ready, without waiting for a limited testing window.
  •  You’ll get your exam results at the testing center immediately after you take your test—no more anxious waiting by the mailbox!

To become a BOCP, you must successfully complete three exams:

    1. Multiple Choice Examination (MCE)
      The MCE assesses the knowledge base required for the profession. You have three hours for completion of this segment, consisting of 150 multiple choice questions. The exam is computer-administered and once you complete the exam, you'll receive your results instantly.

    2. Clinical Simulation Examination (CSE)
      This exam explores the clinical decision-making and problem-solving skills involved in patient care. The CSE presents eight realistic cases which provide opportunities to solve clinical problems. You will have 3-1/2 hours to complete this computer-administered program. The exam is computer-administered and once you complete the exam, you'll receive your results instantly.

    3. The Video Practical Examination (VPE)
      The VPE is a visual demonstration submitted to show your hands-on skills and craftsmanship in prosthetic procedures. The tape will be independently evaluated by three expert reviewers. For more information, review the BOCP VPE Instructions.

NOTE: From the date you submit your application, you have a total of three years to register for and successfully complete all examinations.

3. Certification will be awarded upon successful completion and satisfactorily passing your exam series.