Buying Groups

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Professional Buying Groups

Essentially Women: EW is a mastectomy fitter purchasing group. In addition to offering members discounts on products for patients, EW offers opportunities to expand and enhance practitioner knowledge through educational programs.

MED Group: MED Group is a group purchasing and business solutions organization that helps HME providers lower their purchasing costs for equipment, healthcare, technology, and other supplies. They work with business partners to provide better pricing and terms for provider members that are committed to exceptional patient care and a stronger bottom line.

PartnerShip: PartnerShip®, the endorsed shipping management provider of BOC, offers shipping discounts for BOC-certified individuals and BOC-accredited facilities. Certified individuals and accredited facilities that enroll in the BOC Shipping Program will receive significant discounts on select FedEx® services, as well as on less-than-truckload (LTL) freight shipments arranged through PartnerShip.

VGM Group: VGM is a national buying group for orthotic and prosthetic practitioners and other related fields including respiratory and HME.