Prosthetist Certification (BOCP)

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Prosthetist Certification (BOCP)

Profession Overview

What is prosthetics? Prosthetics is the practice of addressing medical deficiencies of the upper and lower limbs and other anatomical structures. Prosthetic devices, created by trained and certified prosthetists, are artificial body parts that aid in daily living. 

What does a prosthetist do? Pursuant to a physician’s order, a prosthetist evaluates a patient’s condition, takes measurements and impressions of the involved body segments, and creates and properly fits prosthetic devices. Prosthetists are integral to the physical and emotional well-being of patients, providing instruction and training on how to properly use and maintain the prosthetic device(s).

What is a BOC Prosthetist?


BOC Prosthetists (BOCP) are healthcare professionals who are qualified to provide and/or supervise the assessment, treatment plan development and implementation, follow-up and practice management of people using prescribed prosthetics. BOCPs are recognized professionally as having completed a rigorous education and training program that satisfies industry standards. The BOCP Scope of Practice provides greater detail regarding the role of a Prosthetist, BOC-Certified (BOCP). 

How To Become A BOC Prosthetist

As of July 31, 2016, BOC no longer accepts new applications for this program. Read more here.

Exam Preparation Resources Candidate Handbook

BOCP candidates will need to:

  • Successfully complete the prosthetist candidate exam series.

  • Attest to upholding the ethics standards in the Code of Ethics, honored by all BOC certificants.

Please consult the BOCP Certification Process for full details on how to become certified. 

Continuing Education

Once you have earned BOCP credentials, you will need to demonstrate your commitment to professional growth by earning continuing education credits. The prosthetic field is dynamic and evolving. Ongoing learning throughout your career is essential to keeping up with the latest technology and process improvements in your profession. You can submit your CEUs online and view your CEU record immediately at MyBOC, your personal web portal. 


Learn More About Becoming A BOCP

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