BOC Facility Accreditation for Chiropractors

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Is accreditation required for my facility?

Chiropractic providers must be accredited in order to receive Medicare reimbursement for spinal orthoses and other DME products. If your facility bills Medicare for any of the products listed here, accreditation is required. 

BOC accreditation is unique because we walk you step by step through the entire process - from application to survey to determination. If you have any questions along the way, please call the BOC Accreditation Team at 877.776.2200.


We make the accreditation process easier for you by providing:

  • Step-by-step instructions for the entire accreditation process with our BOC Accreditation Survival Guide

  • One-on-one help from our accreditation experts who will answer your questions and provide detailed guidance

  • Expert advice from our facility surveyors - many of whom have experience as DMEPOS providers - on regulations that may affect you 

The Facility Accreditation Process

Facility accreditation verifies that your business meets standards established by the Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS). To become accredited by BOC, you will begin by completing an application attesting to your compliance with the BOC Facility Accreditation Standards, which encompass CMS requirements and include additional standards that we have determined essential to provide quality service to patients and beneficiaries. Your compliance will be confirmed by a BOC representative during an unannounced visit. 



For more information on how standards or product category criteria apply to your facility, consult the FAQs section of this website or contact us.


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