Continuing Education

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BOC requires certificants to demonstrate continuing competency through the completion of continuing education (CE) courses. BOC works with course providers, on a one-time or ongoing basis, to develop CE programs.



Continuing Education Requirements

To maintain your certification status, you need to complete a specific number of CE credit hours and verify your accomplishment to BOC. Each certification program has specific CE requirements.

Click here for more details on the continuing education requirements for certificants.


Course Providers

For information about becoming a BOC-Approved CE Course sponsor or to register courses in the BOC-Approved CE Course Program, please review the Continuing Education Course Providers Approval Program.


How To Earn Continuing Education Units

BOC certification programs allow professionals to have greater autonomy and flexibility in meeting their continuing education unit (CEU) requirements. Here are some of the CE options BOC offers:

  • structured educational courses or training courses - maintain proof of attendance and CEUs awarded
  • manufacturer-sponsored programs (in-services) - these types of courses are related to new products and/or techniques. Maintain proof of attendance and CEUs awarded
  • independent study of professional or academic journals - BOC will recognize 1 CEU unit per article. Complete a one-page, single spaced summary of the article
  • participation or attendance at relevant trade shows - You can maintain a completed Exhibit Hall Attendance form as proof of attendance
  • teaching and writing educational seminars - BOC will recognize 3 CEUs per hour of teaching or writing a course, once a year. Maintain a record of a detailed course outline, along with references used to develop the course. Course authors will need to provide a letter of attestation from the course provider coordinator.
  • article publication -  BOC will award CEUs to the author, 1 CEU per page written.
  • college coursesBOC will recognize any relevant college courses for CEUs. Credits will be awarded based on the grade achieved (A=5, B=4, C=3, and D=2) multiplied by the number of college credits you receive for completion of the course. For any course, the minimum number of credits awarded will be 5 CEUs.
  • volunteer work

As a BOC-Certified Professional, it is your responsibility to correctly report all continuing education work to BOC.

How To Report Continuing Education Units

BOC Certificants are encouraged to enter their own CEUs online through MyBOC, their personal web portal.

  • Log into your MyBOC account. If you need help logging in or would like more information,
    please visit the CE FAQ page.
  • Scroll down to "CEUs" and press "Click here to add new CEUs."
  • Enter the course date, title, provider, category, and number of credits awarded in the provided fields.

BOC staff will conduct random audits of CEU documentation. Certificants should retain the records to verify their completion of CEUs they submit online through the end of each five-year cycle; the current cycle ends December 31, 2019. For details on documentation, please review pages four through six of our Recertification Policy.

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