COF Entry-Level Course Provider Program

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Register your course as a COF entry-level course:

  1. Review the Detailed Content Outline (DCO) to find out about our requirements for entry-level courses. Your course should:

    •  be at least 28 hours long
    •  provide hands-on practice and fitting labs
  2.  Send the following to BOC at

    •  course agenda
    •  CV, resume, or bio for each instructor
  3. Review the BOC Approved CE Course program to find out about our requirements for course providers.

  4. Complete the BOC Approved CE Course Application and Agreement Form and submit the form along with the application processing fee.

  5. Complete the BOC Approved CE Course Registration Form for each course you wish to register.  (If you have previously registered courses in this Program, please include payment of all required course registration fees with this form.  If you are registering more than 1 course, you may provide the total payment on one form.)

Please note:  A minimum of 1,000 hours of patient care experience is required to sit for the COF exam.  Please reiterate this information to your students (patient hours may occur prior to attending the entry level course).