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These documents are referenced throughout the site. We have grouped them into the following categories for your convenience.


Practice Details for Certification Programs:

Professionals who are certified are eligible to practice within the scope of their respective certifications. Each certification program has a corresponding scope of practice, which provides an overview of the services that certified professionals can perform.


Application Forms:

Candidates who are not currently certified complete and submit the following documents.


Examination Content Outlines and Instructions:

The content outlines provide information on the subject matter from which the multiple choice exams are developed. The instructions describe how the outlines may be used in exam preparation.


Video Practical Examination Documents:

Applicants seeking Orthotist and/or Prosthetist certification need to complete a Video Practical Examination. The instructions detail the procedures to be performed and recorded. The forms to be submitted with the VPE provide documentation that a candidate has ethically completed the exam.


Job Task Analyses for Certification Programs:

In compliance with NCCA standards, Job Task Analysis documents for our certification programs are provided below. The purpose of these documents is to describe the job activities of each particular certification in sufficient detail to provide a basis for the development of a professional, job-related certification examination. However, these documents are not intended to be used as study guides. Please refer to the Detailed Content Outlines (above) for exam preparation purposes. 



Certified professionals are responsible for upholding the BOC Code of Ethics. A Charge Statement may be filed against a BOC-certified individual for failure to uphold the Code of Ethics, and the Case Procedures are available for review.



Certification Maintenance:

For a BOC-certified professional to maintain certification, he/she is responsible for upholding the requirements of the Recertification Policy. Forms are available for a professional who decides to pause or cease practicing.

BOC Certification Program Policies

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Policy
BOC upholds the privacy rights of candidates and certified professionals through this policy.

Test Development Policy
A brief description of BOC’s test development procedure is provided.

Video Practical Examination Resubmission Policy
An orthotist and/or prosthetist candidate who does not pass the Video Practical Examination can resubmit according to the policy herein. 

Candidates or certified practitioners wishing to appeal a decision may do so using the following documentation.

Certification Appeal Procedures

Exam Appeal Request Form 

Order Forms:

  • Certificants who wish to request additional copies of original BOC certificates, patches, or pins, may do so by using this form.

Volunteer Opportunities:

If you have at least two years experience as a BOC-certified practitioner, BOC offers a variety of volunteer opportunities that can broaden your professional outlook, improve your knowledge base and even help you move forward in your career. Volunteers who help to keep BOC strong are more than just appreciated. They’re recognized as vital to the continued well-being of the organization and to our profession. For that reason, BOC offers continuing education credits for your participation, with the number of credits offered varying by the particular opportunity.

Interested? Email BOC and tell us about your professional background or send us your resume. 

BOC Model Licensure Act:

In addition to providing definitions and scopes of practice, BOC's model gives legislators a framework for establishing practice standards, examinations, fees, penalties, license renewal and restoration procedures, continuing education requirements, sanctions if needed, a board to oversee the licensure process, and other aspects of regulation.



The fastest and most secure way to make payments is through MyBOC. However, the BOC Payment Form offers an alternative, expedited payment method that may be preferable to mailing payment forms for prospective and current certificants and accreditation contacts without login credentials.


News Release Templates:

  • A news release is an effective way to announce the achievement of your credential to patients, potential employers, and your local community. Simply add your specific information to our news release template and send it to your local newspaper or magazine. If you are a Certified Durable Medical Equipment Specialist (CDME), you may use the CDME news release template



Continuing Education

CE Provider Approval Forms:
Continuing education providers who would like to have their courses BOC-Approved, may apply using the following forms:


CE Provider Attendance Form:
Continuing education providers who would like to document the attendance of course participants, may use the following form:


CE Submission Forms for Certified Practitioners:

For courses and activities not pre-approved by BOC, certificants may apply to be awarded continuing education units by submitting one of the following documents:



The fastest and most secure way to make payments is through MyBOC. However, the BOC Payment Form offers an alternative, expedited payment method that may be preferable to mailing payment forms for prospective and current certificants and accreditation contacts without login credentials.


Facility Accreditation

Becoming Accredited:

PLEASE NOTE: If you are applying for accreditation to become a CMS-approved DMEPOS supplier, facility accreditation is one part of a bigger process. BOC is here to help with your accreditation, but it is ultimately your responsibility to make sure that your facility a) meets accreditation standards, and b) follows all CMS requirements for DMEPOS suppliers. For more information, visit the Medicare Provider-Supplier Enrollment page. You will need to submit the Medicare Enrollment Application

BOC Accreditation Standards Guide
The BOC Standards, which encompass CMS Quality and Supplier Standards, explain what is required for a facility to be in compliance with and meet accreditation requirements.

CMS DMEPOS Supplier Standards
The Code of Federal Regulations details the DMEPOS Supplier Standards. A condensed version of the DMEPOS supplier standards is also available. The application, or CMS Form 855S, is required to be completed for a facility to be issued a PTAN number from CMS – which a facility acquires after it is accredited. During accreditation, the facility site survey may include verification that the supplier is in compliance with these standards.

CMS DMEPOS Quality Standards
To become accredited, a facility is required to be in compliance with the CMS Quality Standards, available on the CMS Supplier Enrollment website.

DMEPOS Product Category List
The product category checklist is included in the facility accreditation application. The requirements are also available separately for facilities who wish to review the list independently from completing the application.

Facility Accreditation Consultants
The following accreditation consultants may be of assistance to BOC Facility Accreditation applicants. These consultants have demonstrated excellent knowledge of CMS Quality and Supplier Standards, in addition to BOC standards, resulting in satisfactory accreditation decisions for their clients.

Disclaimer: BOC offers contact information for consultants as a resource only. Any written and/or verbal agreements made are between the supplier and consultant only. The use of one of these listed consultants does not guarantee a satisfactory BOC accreditation decision.


BOC Site Survey Checklists

The BOC Site Survey Checklist allows you to prepare for your survey by making sure you meet the listed requirements. The BOC Mastectomy Boutique Site Survey Checklist and BOC Pharmacy Site Survey Checklist help mastectomy boutiques and pharmacies prepare for their unique requirements. You can print the documents out and check items off or simply download the document to your computer for reference. 


Applying for BOC Facility Accreditation:

Accreditation Application
If it is your first time becoming accredited, use this application.

If you are currently accredited with another organization but would like to learn about becoming accredited with BOC, please contact for more information, or use this form to get the process started: Reassignment of Accreditation 


Maintaining Accreditation:

Reaccreditation Application
Facilities are required to apply for reaccreditation and be surveyed every three years.

If an accredited facility experiences any of the following changes, an application is required and an additional site survey may be necessary.


 News Release Template:

  • A news release is an effective way to announce the achievement of your credential to customers and your local community. Simply add your specific information to our news release template and send it to your local newspaper or magazine.