Emeritus Certificant List

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BOC recognizes its exemplary certificants who are now inactive following fifteen or more continuous years of BOC certification. These certificants have demonstrated experience, expertise, and quality patient care in their partnership with BOC.

Donald Berger, BOCO Emeritus

Richard J. DiNorscia, BOCO Emeritus

Frank R. Durtschy, BOCO Emeritus

Ronald Dymond, BOCO Emeritus

Robert Florschutz, BOCP Emeritus

Donald H. Horner, BOCO Emeritus

Robert Kielty, COF Emeritus

Preston N. Madler, BOCO Emeritus

John McCullough, BOCO Emeritus

Mary Frances C. Rozak, COF, CMF Emeritus

Marlene Samuel, CMF Emeritus

Susan G. Semmes, BOCO, BOCP Emeritus

Randa L. Shirland, COF Emeritus

We are eager to recognize and honor additional emeritus certificants. Apply now!
If you have questions about Emeritus status or the application process,
please visit our Emeritus FAQ page.


Note: Emeritus status is granted only to those qualified former BOC certificants who have relinquished all BOC certifications and who are no longer practicing in the field. Emeritus status is not awarded in lieu of a BOC certification and Emeritus status should not be construed as certification for continued practice. An Emeritus certificant who wishes to return to active status must follow the normal procedures for reinstatement in BOC's Recertification Policy under "Retired status."

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