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exam preparationBOC is committed to your success as a health care professional. In addition to reviewing your educational materials and watching the PSI Candidate Experience video, the following study aids can help you reach your certification goals. 


Certification Detailed Content Outlines

Every five years, BOC conducts a job task analysis for each of its certification programs. Performed by a team of expert practitioners, our job task analysis provides insight into any improvements and changes that have occurred in the profession. It also ensures that our exams are both current and relevant.

Based on the job task analysis, BOC develops an outline of the schedule of tasks involved in each program. The Detailed Content Outline of each certification program is then used to formulate the candidate examinations. All questions, case simulations and demonstrations required by BOC exams are derived directly from the content outlines of each practice.

In order to prepare for your exam effectively, study the content outline for which you are a candidate:


Self-Assessment Examination

For one sample of the types of questions posed in the exam, please refer to the Self-Assessment Examination (SAE), developed by experts in the field to help you prepare for certification. Answers are confidential, and your grade is automatically scored. After you receive the results of your SAE, you can access a variety of reports that will help you understand your grade, discover your strengths and weaknesses, and take action to improve your skills.

Additional fees apply for self-assessment exams. Exams are available for orthotic fitter and mastectomy fitter preparation. Please note that there is only one sample SAE available for each certification exam.


Third-Party Exam Study Resources

For more in-depth study preparation, you may wish to consider an in-person or online course to enhance your knowledge, skills, and confidence in preparing for the BOC certification exam(s). Below is a list of third-party organizations that offer test-preparation for BOC certification programs. This information can also be found on our Resources page

OandPBoardPrep: OandPBoardPrep is dedicated to providing comprehensive Orthotic and Prosthetic specific study guides and simulated exams to aid O&P residents in preparation for their board exams.

O&P Study and Reference Guides: O&P Study and Reference Guides specializes in Board Prep, Study and Reference materials designed to help orthotic, mastectomy, pedorthic and prosthetic certification candidates understand, prepare and sit for all areas of the exams. The site offers study guides, practice exams, clinical case study scenarios and a bloodborne pathogens program that meets most state and local regulations.

CDME Prep Courses

CFS Allied Health Education "BOC Certified DME Specialist Exam Prep Course": The objective of this 24-hour, self-paced online course is to provide new and existing DME employees a review of the competencies required to perform tasks in the DME environment. It is an excellent tool to use in preparation for the BOC Certified Durable Medical Equipment Specialist (CDME) certification exam.

MED Group "CDME Specialist Course": This complete course is a compilation of three CDME Specialist courses. In the courses, you will gain an understanding of: how to create a safe and comfortable environment for your customer, how to conduct yourself as a CDME Specialist, and how to properly fulfill and bill an order. The three courses total approximately 8 self-paced hours of on-line content and instruction and account for 7.25 Business BOC CEUs and 1 Scientific BOC CEU. Please visit this link for pricing information. 

O&P Education "CDME-DME Specialist Course": This course is written to ensure a basic understanding of many aspects of the DMEPOS business and provides guidance for those who wish to endeavor in the proper procedures for a successful business. This course will help to prepare those who anticipate testing for BOC's Certified DME Specialist examination. Completing this course requires the completion of all 13 sub-courses.


Please note: The material and information delivered by the third-party course providers is the property of those providers and not of BOC. BOC does not accept responsibility or liability for the content and accuracy of the materials provided. BOC neither sponsors, nor endorses, any educational training activities and BOC will not be held liable, regardless of cause, for any damages of any kind based on the information and material delivered by any third-party course provider.  

"My relationship with BOC started back in 1985. Since then, my BOC certification has opened avenues to the best training and opportunities in the industry and beyond. As BOC has grown, so have I. Thanks BOC!"

Theresa McLeod, COF, CMF

  • Boutique Manager, Evelyn H. Lauder Breast Center, New York, NY

"I really appreciate what you guys do and have done for the O&P field over the last several years.  I am very privileged to be a part of the group and look forward to working in and with this field and association."

Jason Eddy, BOCP, LOP

  • Snell Prosthetics and Orthotics, Hot Springs National Park, AR