Facility Accreditation Consultants

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From time to time, we receive requests for information about accreditation consultants who can provide additional help during the process of accreditation. In response, we have compiled the following list of consultants, who have demonstrated excellent knowledge of CMS Quality and Supplier Standards and BOC Facility Accreditation Standards. This information was provided by the consultants themselves at BOC's request.

NOTE: BOC's policies and standards, as well as standards set forth by the Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS), are updated periodically. BOC-accredited suppliers have an ongoing obligation to adhere to these policies and standards; non-compliance may result in revocation of accreditation.

Advanced Consulting Concepts Corp.                                       

Belkis Alvarez

Belkis Alvarez has been a consultant in DMEPOS accreditation since 2000. Her experience with the accreditation process includes being a Palmetto GBA State Advisory Council Member for DMEPOS for eight years and a Cigna Government Services State Advisory Member for the DMEPOS Education Division for two years.

Belkis’ services include a step-by-step accreditation preparation program with policies and procedures, relative documents, and supporting data collection logs. DMEPOS in-service training classes, on-site pre-inspection or survey visits, post-accredited consulting services, plans of correction, and compliance implementation for all areas of DMEPOS are also available. Direct service can be provided for the US, Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico, in both English and Spanish. Belkis has had successful accreditation preparation assistance compliance of over 400 DMEPOS companies since 2007.

Allied Management Solutions 

Joel Segar, President & CEO/Executive Consultant

Steven Baker, Executive Consultant

Sharon Warner, Executive Consultant

Allied Management Solutions was formed woth the sole purpose of helping Home Medical Equipment companies succeed. The competitive bidding program has forever changed the industry; PECOS, Physician Face-to-Face requirements, and other changes coming in the future are forcing HME companies to not only work harder, but much smarter, to succeed.

At Allied Management Solutions, we believe the most important elements to achieve success in this difficult market are cost-effective services that are delivered in the most efficient manner. Allied Management Solutions helps HME companies utilize industry best practices and develop quantifiable outcome measurement tools while providing an ongoing focus to promote innovations through:

  • positive patient encounters,
  • on-going training,
  • technology enhancements,
  • vendor partnerships, and 
  • participation with industry trade groups.  

AMA Quality Consulting, Inc.

Angela Austin                                                                                                                             

Angela Austin is a compliance consultant who helps DMEPOS, home health, and healthcare professionals successfully obtain state and federal licensing and accreditation. Prior to establishing her consulting business, Angela spent fifteen years as a Compliance/Performance Improvement Manager in various industries of healthcare. She has developed policies and procedures along with compliance tools that have assisted companies nationwide in meeting compliance with standards and regulations.

Angela understands the challenges of accreditation and a practical Performance Improvement Program.  She started her consulting business in 2006 to help other organizations deal with the sometimes overwhelming prospect of starting a new business, obtaining licensing, and seeking accreditation status while still doing the day-to-day tasks of business operations.

Brown & Fortunato, P.C.                                                                     

Lisa K. Smith                                                                                                                      

Denise M. Fletcher, Esq., has been an attorney in the Health Care Group of the Amarillo, Texas, law firm of Brown & Fortunato, P.C., since 1997. She is Board-Certified in Health Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Denise has a large national healthcare practice with clients throughout the United States. She represents many types of healthcare providers, including ancillary care providers such as DMEPOS companies, pharmacies, long-term care facilities, and home health agencies.

Denise assists clients in all areas of healthcare but most frequently works on reimbursement issues, including audits and requests for overpayments, corporate compliance, HIPAA compliance, competitive bidding, accreditation preparation, supplier and provider number issues, requirements pertaining to licenses, permits, and certifications, survey certification, and licensing issues.

Brown & Fortunato, P.C., is ready to assist you with all of your business needs, including getting you ready for an accreditation survey.

Capital Healthcare Group

Mary Ellen Conway, RN, BSN, President

Capital Healthcare Group (CHG) is a healthcare consulting firm specializing in providing expert consultants who work with providers to achieve excellent outcomes. They provide management expertise in the healthcare setting including transitional care programs, operations assistance, RAC and ZPIC audit response, staff re-training, accreditation preparation and survey follow-up, sales and marketing guidance, as well as business start-up. CHG serves providers ranging from small, proprietary home health, hospice and medical equipment businesses, to large, integrated health care delivery systems and product manufacturers.

Mary Ellen Conway, RN, BSN, President of CHG, provides educational presentations to state and national organizations and is nationally recognized the one of the nation’s most respected post-acute healthcare consultants. With more than 25 years of experience in management throughout the health care continuum, she is known for her expertise in operations, operational efficiencies and regulatory compliance issues throughout the post-acute arena.

Complete Business Solutions

Erin Cammarata                                                                                                                         

Complete Business Solutions is an O&P practice management company dedicated to maximizing company profits by leveraging our eighteen years’ results, producing performance in the O&P marketplace.

Complete Business Solutions offers a full-service hands-on approach to all areas of practice management, including accreditation.

  • Policy and Procedure Manuals
  • Employee Manuals
  • Employee Education & Training
  • Mock Accreditation Audits

Complete Business Solutions will give a peace of mind approach to all accreditation needs.                                                                                                  

Consultants PRN                                                                

Gail Schilling                                                                                                                               

Gail Schilling, BSN, RN, CMOF, is a registered nurse with over 30 years experience. She has been the co-owner of a DMEPOS facility. She has over ten years of experience working with small DMEPOS providers in developing and maintaining Performance Improvement Plans. She has been the compliance officer of an independent DMEPOS facility and played an intricate part in a ten-office DMEPOS organization' developing and organizing their on-going accreditation program. She has worked in acute care, long-term care, home care, and in medical bill review areas in addition to her DMEPOS experience.

Gail can effectively analyze a client’s procedures and goals and offer advice on an effective plan designed to develop DMEPOS accreditation readiness for most accreditation organizations (AOs), giving clients the ability to meet Medicare standards and standards of the AO. She will help develop or maintain clients’ policies and procedures, corporate compliance policy, HIPAA policy, and Red Flag Rule, as well as provide a Performance Improvement Plan that exceeds Medicare's standards.

Employee training is paramount in the success of a DMEPOS business to maintain compliance with accreditation requirements. Consultants PRN has an education website offering distance learning opportunities with annual training on HIPAA, hazard communication, infection control, and corporate compliance as required for all employees, plus competency classes and continuing ediucation for O&P. We also offer NCOPE-approved orthotic and mastectomy fitter courses which are required prerequisite education for certification. Education can be accessed by visiting our website at http://oandpedu.com/.

Consultants PRN can perform pre-survey on-site inspections and training at your facility anywhere in the United States. We have consultants available coast to coast. You need not stress over the complexity of this process - that is our job. We will teach you the best way to handle each of the situations and guide you in a successful outcome.

You can rest assured that we will cover all the bases to enable you to comply with the necessary standards for accreditation.

Hamon's Compliant Consultants

Vivian Hamon

Vivian Hamon and her team of associate consultants provide consulting services to assist DME companies with accreditation readiness, operations, and business-related services for DME providers, as well as hospitals, ambulatory service centers, and physicians’ practices, all with proven success.

DME accreditation is the key component in today's DME world, as it assures that a facility can maintain and compete in the market. We understand this fact and can share our proven techniques and strategies through an Associate Consulting Group with more than 75 years combined experience, to assure you obtain and maintain your accreditation. Our process includes: preparation of staff, implementation of complete policy and procedures, documentation (forms, logs, etc.), human resource education, administrative tools, a pre-survey checklists, a survey survival guide, post survey plans of correction, and yearly updates to maintain survey readiness for tri-annual resurvey.

Our services can range from assisting you in setting up your new company, establishing state and federal business requirements, securing accreditation and Medicare licensing, securing payer contracts, developing business office and operational procedure, and numerous other related processes. 

Immanuel Consulting Group                                                     

Donna Nam                                                                                                                                 

Immanuel Consulting Group is a professional healthcare consulting company designed to meet any and all clients’ needs. The company thrives on providing detailed service and excellent quality and continuously aims to give all clients personal attention.  The company provides services in both English and Korean.

Immanuel Consulting Group has been helping medical equipment companies and pharmacies to become accredited for over a decade and the services offered are practical, no-nonsense solutions that will be successful for any client.  The company is dedicated to providing this service to all clients, at all times.

Medical Auditing Solutions, LLC                  

Angela Miller                                                                                                                                

Angela Miller spent twelve years dealing with corporations, with the last five as a compliance officer for a regional medical equipment company with 72 locations and 1200 employees. She started Medical Auditing Solutions (MAS) in 2005 to consult with physicians and medical equipment, home health, and dental providers on issues related to compliance, HIPAA privacy and security, billing and collection processes, and credentialing with licensure.

MAS offers unbiased, conservative, and confidential healthcare billing compliance, HIPAA privacy, and due diligence audits with a conservative corrective action plan. They provide updates of ever-changing medical claims billing requirements. Other services they provide include:

  • Setting up of annual audits and training to ensure proper federal claims filing requirement compliance for Medicare, Medicaid, and other insurance carriers (The OIG recommends annual audits currently, but, as of 2013, they are required along with annual training for all employees.)
  • Compliance program analysis specific to your needs

MAS works with you as a team to find the most cost-effective solution to resolve your issues and turn collections around the fastest way possible. If you are having collection problems, it does not mean you need to buy a costly new software system. They look at your business and don’t recommend anything they would not do if it was their own business. They also have former government staff, nurses, pharmacists, physicians, billing experts available to work with your organization as needed.

MAS services focus on helping your company meet compliance and HIPAA requirements while still maintaining the best cash flow. MAS  provides training for which BOC has granted 9.5 CEUs, including six programs with one still to be submitted for approval. These programs are available online or in person.  MAS can help you and your referral sources with compliance and HIPAA policies, training, and audits.  

Millennium Management Services                          

Susean Nichols                                                                                                                          

Millennium Management Services, LLC (MMS) is a leading consulting firm specializing in home medical industry services.  MMS has provided consulting in the areas of regulatory compliance, clinical programs, business management, and accreditation preparation.

Preparing for the accreditation of your organization can be a long and, at times, complicated process.

MMS focuses on creating solutions for accreditation that best fit your company, not a standard HME plan. They also provide consulting for billing process reviews and risk management.

Millennium Management Services’ motto, “Preparing You for a Greater Tomorrow!” has been a guiding force in helping their clients stay on the cutting edge of healthcare.

The Mobility Consultants                                      

Martin Szmal                                                                                                                                

As veterans of the DME industry, Mobility Consultants has over 35 years of experience and a diverse background (including working for Medicare) that offers a comprehensive resource for mobility reimbursement and regulatory compliance issues. 

Areas of expertise include:

  • Medicare/Medicaid Reimbursement Issues for Mobility Products (MWCs, Scooters and PWCs - Standard and Complex Rehab.
  • Regulatory and Compliance Issues including HIPAA and Stark Anti-kickback Statute.
  • Coding Guidelines - PDAC Verification and Establishment of New Codes through the CMS HCPCS Work Group.
  • Medicare Billing - Correct Coding, Required Documentation, Proper Billing and Compliance.
  • Government and Industry Affairs
  • Public Speaking and Classroom Instruction 

Martin has a well-rounded working knowledge of the HME industry that comes from having worked for a provider, a Medicare contractor, a managed care network and a manufacturer. This unique combination of experience enables him to assist a variety of industry entities.  

O and P Study and Reference Guides LLC

Susan Schulte

O and P Study and Reference Guides LLC is led by an experienced group of orthotic and prosthetic professionals. Mr. John F. Schulte, CPO, FAAOP, has been in active practice in the private and corporate environments. He has managed over 27 individual accredited facilities and their personnel. The group at O and P Study and Reference Guides LLC has developed facility training and support forms for your practice management. Today’s healthcare patient treatment arena mandates that both the patient and practitioner protect themselves from deadly bloodborne pathogens.

We offer a complete training program in bloodborne pathogens SPECIFIC to O&P for your staff and necessary documentation forms for the facility to help meet facility standards. DMEPOS standards require that, when an O&P device is delivered to the patient, they receive Device Instruction Sheets. We have them for the most frequently provided Orthotic, Prosthetic, Therapeutic Insert, and Footwear in both English and Spanish. They can be personalized with your logo and contact information to help your office satisfy DMEPOS standards.

Premium Consulting

Mabel Gonzalez, JD

Mabel Gonzalez is an expert Health Care Consultant and the sole managing member of Premium Consulting. She has over twenty years of experience in the legal and regulatory environments. Ms. Gonzalez obtained her Bachelor of Science from Nova Southeastern University and Juris Doctor from Nova Southeastern University, School of Law. Her unique expertise and experience in licensing, accreditation and compliance gives her clients a unique advantage in the highly competitive field of healthcare. 

Ms. Gonzalez's experience covers a wide spectrum of healthcare entities. Her clients range from single-owner, single-site locations to franchise organizations, networks and regional and national providers. At Premium Consulting, Mabel has developed a structure where she works one-on-one with her clients, which sets her apart from the competition. You will find that at Premium Consulting, you are not just another face in the crowd, your business will receive the attention it needs to help it succeed in this ever-changing industry.

Quality Outcomes

Scott Williamson

Partnering with Quality Outcomes will give clients the opportunity to use a comprehensive performance management program.  The company’s process works to build consensus and identify best practices in O&P patient care.  The Quality Outcomes system meets the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) performance improvement requirements for accreditation and allows an organization to be compliant with each of the deemed accrediting organization’s requirements. 

Quality Outcomes helps ease the difficulty sometimes associated with complying with the mandatory Medicare accreditation process. Not just guidance and recommendations, this company has experience to help maintain specific policies and procedures while ensuring clients continue to comply with accreditation requirements. Quality Outcomes can create a custom-tailored solution to a client’s particular needs.

RJ Hedges & Associates                                                               

Jeff Hedges                                                                                                                                 

Jeff Hedges is the president of R.J. Hedges & Associates and is "The HIPAA Guy™", a recognized leader and advocate for community pharmacies and medical supply companies. His military and business experience of taking complex federal regulations and applying them to real-world applications in an easy to follow format is ideal for independent healthcare facilities.

R.J. Hedges & Associates has a dedicated staff whose mission is to provide the best and most complete turnkey compliance programs. Their easy-to-use policy and procedure manuals and programs contain all requirements for the Medicare Quality Standards; HIPAA Compliance with the HITECH requirements; Fraud, Waste & Abuse Prevention; OSHA; Human Resources and Red Flag Rules for Identity Theft Prevention.  All programs come with computer-based training and program updates as the regulation changes.

R.J. Hedges & Associates’ experience in Medicare accreditation is extensive, having hundreds of accredited facilities across the country. In addition, Jeff speaks at numerous conventions and professional forums.  Jeff is the co-author of the NCPA HIPAA Security Handbook and has written numerous articles.

R&R MedHealth Consulting, LLC 

Roni Pidcock, CEO

Finding a consultant who offers consulting and support at a very affordable, monthly flat rate is not as easy as it may seem. With today's industry-wide rate cuts, competitive bidding, and audits constantly looming, providers need to be wary of "too good to be true" consulting deals, packages, and advertisements. It is critical for all healthcare suppliers and providers to work with someone they can trust to assist and guide them through the accreditation process, claims, audits, a new start up, or other areas where help is needed.

Roni Pidcock began her journey in healthcare more than 20 years ago. She has worked in patient intake, medical records, referrals, and authorizations. By diversifying and learning how different areas of the industry operate, Roni expanded her knowledge, affording her the ability to guide and assist others with consulting, audit and appeal review assistance, administration review, revenue cycle management, medical billing, coding and collections, claims reimbursement, and denial management.

Regency Billing and Consulting

Kelly Wolfe

Regency has developed a hands-on approach to the accreditation process and is committed to providing the services and support facilities need for a successful accreditation survey.  With their help, facilities will pass their accreditation the first time around and do it with minimal stress. The consulting package they offer is cost effective and provides facilities with all the documents and training they need to obtain accreditation. They also offer a mock survey at the end of training to ensure facilities are prepared.

Kelly Wolfe, President of Regency, has been in the DME industry for over 20 years and understands the challenges faced by DME facilities. Her knowledge of accreditation is extensive, having helped hundreds of facilities across the country. Kelly also ensures compliance with billing, regulatory agencies, Medicare enrollment, and state licensure. 

T&T Pharmacy/DME Consulting, Inc.

Trephene Brown, President and Founder

With over ten years of DME/pharmacy operations management and reimbursement management in the home care industry, T&T Consulting recognizes that too often the day-to-day responsibilities leaves little time to provide in-depth analysis and training required to make your business the success you would like it to be. This is why Trephene has put together a team of experienced professionals who can assist you with restructuring your entire process. We will guide you in the appropriate direction, while adhering to all state and federal regulations. 

Vianna Zimbel Consulting 

Vianna Zimbel

Vianna provides confidence when you want to achieve accreditation.

Vianna Zimbel, BS, RCP, has 35 years of clinical homecare experience and was the former National Home Care Services Manager for a national provider. She began consulting in 1992, adding BOC facility accreditation to her specialties in 2008.  You will pass accreditation with minimal aggravation by having Vianna review your current process and documentation for compliance. Not everything has to be redesigned, and the process is simpler than you may think. She provides a realistic assessment of the levels of compliance at your company. Your staff is given the tools and knowledge to focus its energies on cost-effective, compliance-geared solutions.

Success is based on an approach that is integrated throughout the organization and an understanding that paperwork must be minimized. In preparing companies for accreditation, Vianna also ensures compliance with Medicare billing rules, FDA, OSHA, DOT, and other applicable regulatory agencies. After accreditation, the next step of enrolling in Medicare to obtain a supplier number is part of her process. Every consulting effort is customized. She delivers quality, cost-effective solutions designed for each unique company.

Webb and Associates

Anita Kaye Webb, President

With 30+ years’ experience in the Home Medical Equipment (HME) industry, Anita is a nationally-recognized Durable Medical Equipment (DME) consultant for large and small home medical equipment companies and retail pharmacy organizations.

Her consulting services focus on, but are not limited to, Medicare compliance and audits, strategic planning and DMEPOS accreditation. As a former Medicare employee, owner of a home medical equipment company and HME consultant since 1996, Anita understands the unique needs and challenges of the HME business.  

As a respected HME consultant, Anita offers clients her industry knowledge of Medicare and HME company best practices. To you, the business owner, Anita can resolve the critical needs of your business, which will enable you to focus on your core business activities.

Anita earned her undergraduate degree in journalism and theater from Morehead State University and lives in Louisville, KY.

:  BOC offers information from consultants as a resource only. Any written or verbal agreements made is between the facility and consultant only.  The use of one of the consultants listed does not guarantee a satisfactory BOC accreditation decision.