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The Directory of BOC Certified Practitioners and BOC Accredited Facilities lists only those practitioners and facilities in good standing who have not elected to exclude themselves from being listed. For more information, review our privacy policy. By accessing the directory, you agree to the Terms and Conditions.

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Are you a patient looking for a Practitioner or Facility?

Healthcare is a comprehensive process, and orthotic and prosthetic professionals and durable medical equipment suppliers are an integral part of the healing process. Correctly supplying, fabricating, and fitting orthotic and prosthetic devices and other durable medical equipment enables patients to participate more fully in their recovery, feel better, and return to healthy, confident living.

BOC recognizes that, now more than ever, patients are interested in participating in their healthcare processes by performing their own research. If you have received a prescription for an orthotic or prosthetic device or durable medical equipment, you may wish to do your own research in finding the nearest practitioner or medical equipment facility with the credentials that can meet your needs.

Before you begin your search, you should determine your goals and expectations. When you are considering a practitioner or supplier to be part of your healthcare team, be sure to share your goals and any concerns in order to achieve your desired outcome.

See our resources page for other independent organizations that may assist you in your search for an orthotic or prosthetic professional or medical equipment supplier. 

What Are BOC Credentials?

BOC credentials indicate that you will receive compassionate care from a professional who has met education and experience requirements, passed exams, and maintains continuing education for the quality care of patients. BOC accredited facilities meet rigorous business standards and patient care practices. They provide comprehensive orthotic and/or prosthetic services consistent with national and most common local laws and regulations. Suppliers of orthotic and prosthetic devices and durable medical equipment must meet rigorous standards indicating safe and ethical business practices.

To learn more about BOC, visit our About Us section.