BOC CMF Eligibility Prerequisites

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Your ability to fit a patient with a post-mastectomy orthotic device is essential to your profession. But providing a device does not guarantee your patient’s ability to properly use it. Being a mastectomy fitter requires you not only provide devices, but also effectively educate your patient on how to successfully use what you have provided to improve her quality of life.

That is why you as a candidate are required to have a significant period of patient care experience under a certified practitioner to be eligible to take the exam. While education is fundamental to learning your practice skills, the patient care experience you bring to the exam is indispensable.


Eligibility Prerequisites for Mastectomy Fitter Certification

Education Requirement

To be eligible to take the mastectomy fitter examination, an applicant must demonstrate successful completion of an entry-level education program through a fitter school or education provider. Please note that all education courses need to have been completed in the past 5 years. The continuing education portal contains entry-level course providers that have gone through BOC's Course Provider Program and meet the requirements for the BOC Certified Mastectomy Fitter (CMF). Check the box that says "CMF Entry Level" and select "Mastectomy Fitter" as your Certification Program.

Patient Care and Experience Requirement

An eligible entry-level candidate will have a verifiable minimum of 120 hours (3 weeks of full-time work) of documented patient care under the supervision of an appropriately-qualified professional (another fitter, or a professional with the mastectomy fitter scope within his/her own scope of practice). For auditing purposes, patient logs should be maintained and kept readily available. Suggestions for obtaining patient care requirements include:

It is possible that some state licensure regulations will have requirements that differ from BOC's requirements. Always check with your state licensure board to determine what additional rules may apply to you.

"My relationship with BOC started back in 1985. Since then, my BOC certification has opened avenues to the best training and opportunities in the industry and beyond. As BOC has grown, so have I. Thanks BOC!"

Theresa McLeod, COF, CMF

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"I really appreciate what you guys do and have done for the O&P field over the last several years.  I am very privileged to be a part of the group and look forward to working in and with this field and association."

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