Michael Arnette Named BOC Certificant of the Year

May 18, 2021

BOC Certificant of the Year, Michael Arnette, BOCO, BOCP

The Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC) has named Michael Arnette, BOCO, BOCP, as its Certificant of the Year. Now in its second year, this recognition honors a BOC-certified professional for outstanding contributions to their profession, including commitments to service, research and outreach.

Arnette, a BOC-certified orthotist/prosthetist since 2010, has devoted his career to providing exceptional patient care through clinical excellence and personal relationships while advancing technology and keeping current with the latest prosthetic innovations.

Arnette was nominated for BOC’s Certificant of the Year Award because of his extensive prosthetic care work overseas in war-torn Nigeria. In the wake of violence and terrorist attacks, numerous people there have sustained injuries from machetes, firearms and bombs. Due to a lack of proper care for these wounds, many victims have experienced limb loss. Through outreach performed since 2012 by Progressive Prosthetics and Orthotics, the family-owned business where Arnette works alongside his father, Jeff, and brothers Brandon and Daniel, more than 500 amputees in Nigeria have been provided with prosthetic care.

In addition, Arnette and his team have trained dozens of local Nigerians, which has afforded the support necessary to establish a clinic that provides patient care. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, technicians trained by Arnette and his colleagues provided more than 100 limbs to patients, and their goal is to care for 240 amputees by the end of 2021.

“I am honored to be named BOC’s Certificant of the Year,” said Arnette. “I am proud to accept as a representative of the many clinicians who strive to improve the lives of others. It has been extremely rewarding to play a part in the recovery process for individuals experiencing limb loss and I am thankful to my team and family members at Progressive for their continued dedication and support.”

BOC-certified Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Specialists, Mastectomy Fitters, Orthotic Fitters, Orthotists, Pedorthists and Prosthetists are eligible to be named BOC’s Certificant of the Year. The nomination period for the next award will open in September 2021.

“This award has been a phenomenal platform to recognize certified professionals making significant contributions in our field while also making a profound impact on people’s lives,” said Matthew Gruskin, BOCO, BOCPD, CDME, credentialing director for BOC. “The opportunity to recognize people like Michael and his team shows the community how our certificants make a difference. We look forward to honoring other amazing certificants like Michael for many years to come!”