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DMEPOS Certification Tip 3: View, apply for, and check the status of your certification

View, apply for, and check the
status of your certification
Last week, we discussed how to view and use your current CEU record once you’ve logged on to, the personalized page for BOC candidates and certificants. This is the third email in a series of four emails to help you use BOC’s online tools to your full advantage.

This week, we’d like to help you get the most out of the Status feature: View, apply for, and check the status of your certification.

With this feature, you can view the status of one or more certifications with BOC. The top line will tell you if you are a candidate or an “active” certificant. You can see how long your active certification status is good for.

We have also added a feature that allows you to print your certificate for your own personal records or for verification of your certification by selecting your certification from the drop-down menu.

Plus, you can apply for certification online. We will notify AMP that you are ready for testing, and they will contact you directly to set up a convenient time for you, year round.

Stay tuned! Next week’s tip is on viewing and paying your BOC renewal online.


The BOC Certification Team

P.S. Have you heard the news? This November, BOC will provide instant scoring for multiple-choice tests and year-round testing. Read more here.

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