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Executive Staff

claudia-zachariasClaudia Zacharias, MBA, CAE

President & CEO
410.581.6222, ext. 402

Claudia is responsible for leading the implementation of the Board of Directors’ vision and strategy and is fully committed to seeing BOC continue to grow and prosper. She provides guidance to her staff on daily operations and planning for future goals. She likes to find opportunities to communicate directly with certificants, suppliers, and others, and enjoys meeting people at industry events.


Wendy MillerWendy Miller, BOCO, LO, CDME

Chief Credentialing Officer
410.581.6222, ext. 406

Wendy leads the direction, strategy, policies, and day-to-day operations of BOC's credentialing programs. She ensures excellent customer service and high-quality work processes for BOC’s certification and accreditation departments. Additionally, Wendy is a sought-after and frequent speaker on facility accreditation topics at industry events.


Judi Knott, MA, MBA

Chief Marketing Officer
410.581.6222, ext. 414

Judi leads the strategic planning and execution of BOC’s marketing and corporate communications programs. Her marketing efforts focus on raising brand awareness and highlighting BOC’s competitive advantages to ensure the organization remains top of mind as the blue-ribbon standard for certification and accreditation. She also oversees BOC’s award-winning Business Development team.


Accreditation Staff 

Zack Chait

Regulatory & Legislative Analyst
410.581.6222, ext. 420

Zack is BOC’s point of contact on all regulatory and state licensure issues. He is also responsible for the scheduling of site surveys and for ensuring the appropriate documentation is completed for all facilities who have submitted accreditation applications. Zack helps customers understand regulatory, licensure, and BOC standards.


Janet Rodgers

Credentialing Application Specialist
410.581.6222, ext. 409

Janet is responsible for communicating with prospective accreditation suppliers and reviewing all certification and accreditation applications to ensure that the documentation is complete and accurate. She provides administrative support to the credentialing department. Janet also assists the accreditation review team in evaluating corrective action plans from facilities and fostering a partnership with them to help them earn their accreditation.


Melissa Shea, MHA

Compliance Specialist
410.581.6222, ext. 412

Melissa coordinates site survey reviews and ensures that facilities receive their accreditation results promptly. When appropriate, she also communicates and clarifies any deficiencies and follow-up requirements. Melissa fosters a partnership with facilities to help them earn accreditation.



Administrative Staff

Laura Libowitz
Laura Libowitz

Staff Accountant
410.581.6222, ext. 404

Laura provides support for Facility Accreditation and Certification, as well as for our administrative staff, by providing financial reporting to support strategic decision making. She also administers accounting of all financial transactions.   



Business Development Staff


Matt Dickinson

Business Development Specialist
410.581.6222, ext. 403

Matt consults with prospective facilities, helping them to understand the benefits of BOC's accreditation and processes. He ensures the delivery of an excellent customer service experience to prospective customers. 


Daniel Holsey

Business Development Specialist
410.581.6222, ext. 416

Daniel consults with prospective facilities, helping them to understand the benefits of BOC's accreditation and processes. He ensures the delivery of an excellent customer service experience to prospective customers.  



Cynthia Tolson

Business Development Specialist
410.581.6222, ext. 407

Cynthia consults with prospective facilities, helping them to understand the benefits of BOC's accreditation and processes. She ensures the delivery of an excellent customer service experience to prospective customers.


Certification Staff


Shanae Davis

Senior Credentialing Specialist
410.581.6222, ext. 400

Shanae oversees the certification application process for current and future certificants and conveys the benefits of BOC credentials. She maintains documentation on BOC's subject matter experts and performs administrative tasks associated with test development and ethics complaints. Additionally, Shanae is the point-of-contact for certification partners on administrative matters.


Maureen Dunbar

Credentialing Coordinator 
410.581.6222, ext. 411

Maureen is responsible for responding to incoming calls and emails, screening visitors for entry, and sorting incoming mail. She also maintains and updates the database for certification customers. Maureen provides administrative support to the Credentialing Operations Manager for both operations and credentialing activities.


Karen Lawson

Credentialing Account Specialist
410.581.6222, ext. 401

Karen reviews and approves course provider programs for BOC certificants. She also oversees accounting of certificants' course attendance to ensure compliance with certification continuing education requirements. Karen is also responsible for processing certification and accreditation payments and often assists with customer inquiries regarding the certification process.


Michelle Yoon 

Operations Manager
410.581.6222, ext. 405

Michelle manages the BOC business operations, overseeing relevant vendor relationships. She provides the leadership and insight necessary to ensure BOC has effective operational controls and staff systems in place to grow the organization. Michelle also supervises the IT and BOC Headquarters Facility Management functions of the organization.


Marketing Staff

Cecelia Huffman

Marketing Communications Manager
410.581.6222, ext. 408

Cecelia is responsible for developing strategic marketing and communications initiatives for BOC. She manages BOC's presence at conferences and provides oversight to the website, social media efforts and branding. Cecelia also collaborates with staff to ensure all communications to customers are accurate, timely and relevant.

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