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Facility Accreditation Survival Guide

We hope that the tools available here, a series of videos, the most up-to-date BOC Accreditation Standards Guide, and site survey checklists, help you through the sometimes confusing processes of accreditation, reaccreditation, and reassignment. We’re with you every step of the way.

BOC Accreditation Videos

In order to guide you through the processes of accreditation, reaccreditation, and reassignment, BOC has created four videos: The Importance of Accreditation, The Process of Accreditation, Preparing for Your Site Survey, and The Process of Reaccreditation. Each video was created to answer questions suppliers often have as they pursue each part of the accreditation process.


BOC Accreditation Standards Guide

The BOC Accreditation Standards Guide, which encompasses CMS Quality and Supplier Standards, is an easy-to-use document that helps to explain what is required for your facility to be in compliance with and meet accreditation requirements for BOC and CMS. A condensed version of the CMS DMEPOS Supplier Standards is also available. 


BOC Site Survey Checklists

The BOC Site Survey Checklist allows you to prepare for your survey by making sure you meet the listed requirements. The BOC Mastectomy Boutique Site Survey Checklist and BOC Pharmacy Site Survey Checklist help mastectomy boutiques and pharmacies prepare for their unique requirements. You can print the documents out and check items off or simply download the document to your computer for reference. 


Facility Accreditation Consultant List

The Facility Accreditation Consultant List includes consultants who have demonstrated excellent knowledge of CMS Quality and Supplier Standards and BOC Facility Accreditation Standards. This information was provided by the consultants themselves at BOC's request.