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CMS-Deemed Accreditation
DMEPOS Certification

Value-Based Care Accreditation

Value-Based Care (VBC) accreditation provides proof that a medical services provider offers VALUE beyond the care provided and/or medical equipment delivered. Value includes the extra service and follow-up required to assure that the patients broader health needs are considered and that the intended outcome for the patient is met. Value includes a focus on cost management and developing cost effective care plans. Value includes accountability for tracking outcomes and reporting on results.

VBC accreditation requires

  • Collaborative, community-based support (clinical and coaching) to address the needs of patients.
  • Active evaluation of patient progress and acting as the eyes and ears in the community to connect patients to support systems.
  • Disease management to address overall physical, social, and mental health of the population.

VBC accredited providers support the quadruple aim of strong, effective health systems

  • Improve patient experience (increased satisfaction- HCAPS;
  • Better health outcomes (improve HEDIS, STAR metrics – ie reduce hospitalizations and ED visits);
  • Lower total cost of care (decrease expensive acute care costs and balance proactive care);
  • Improve provider and staff experience

Benefits Of Value-Based Care

Improved Patient Experience

Improved Staff Experience

Lower Cost
Of Care

Health Outcomes

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