“BOC is proudly governed by a committed Board of Directors whose diverse professional backgrounds encompass the interests and needs of BOC’s wide array of certified professionals and accredited businesses. I am honored to lead this caring and dedicated group of knowledgeable professionals.”

 L. Bradley “Brad” Watson, BOCO, BOCP, LPO, BOC Board Chair

2021 Executive Committee

Name Position
L. Bradley Watson, BOCO, BOCP, LPO Chair
Abel Guevara III, MHIM, RHIA, CDME Vice-Chair
David D. Regier, ATC, LAT, MS Secretary & Public Member
Cameron Stewart, BOCO, BOCP Treasurer
Diana Klunk, CMF Member-at-Large
Wayne R. Rosen, BOCP, BOCO, LPO, CDME, FAAOP Immediate Past Chair
Claudia Zacharias, MBA, CAE President & CEO


2021 Directors


Name Position
Justina Appel, PhD, BOCO, BOCP, FAAOP Member
Bill Chaudhry, CDME Member
Daniel Griffis III, PharmD Member
Von M. Homer, PhD, M.Sc., BOCPD Member
Margy Imlay, CMF Member
James Mathers, COF Member
William J. Powers, MBA, LFACHE Member
Angela Smalley, PhD, BOCPD, COF Member
Richard W. Todd, COF Member