Exam Content Outlines

Every five years, BOC conducts a job task analysis for each of its certifications. Performed by a team of expert practitioners, our job task analysis provides insight into any improvements and changes that have occurred in the profession. It also ensures that our exams are both current and relevant.

Based on the job task analysis, BOC develops an outline of the schedule of tasks involved in each program. The Detailed Content Outline of each certification program is then used to formulate the candidate examinations. All questions, case simulations, and demonstrations required by BOC exams are derived directly from the content outlines of each practice.

In order to prepare for your exam effectively, study the content outline for which you are a candidate:

Orthotic Fitter Detailed Content Outline and Outline Instructions

Mastectomy Fitter Detailed Content Outline and Outline Instructions

DME Specialist Detailed Content Outline and Outline Instructions

Self-Assessment Examinations (SAE)

SAEs for Certified Orthotic Fitter (COF) and the Certified Mastectomy Fitter (CMF) are available in the MyBOC portal. All candidates are encouraged to create a MyBOC account.

You’ll receive access to the SAEs when your application is processed. You’ll find them in the tab at the top right of your profile page

Please Note: SAEs are not a predictor of test outcome.