If your renewal date is approaching, be sure to explore your options. Ask yourself:

Are you getting the service you need and expect from your current accrediting organization?

Is your current accrediting organization invested in the success of your business and positioned to support your future business needs?

Are you ready to commit to your current accrediation organization for three more years?

Do you want to learn what BOC has to offer? 

Experience the BOC Difference

  • BOC is a Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)-deemed accrediting organization.
  • BOC offers competitive pricing.
  • BOC is fast. Expect a quick turnaround of documents associated with the reassignment process.
  • BOC offers in-person, virtual, and expedited survey options. Find out what option is right for you.
  • BOC provides step-by-step, expert guidance to help you earn accreditation for your business.
  • BOC has nationally recognized customer service.
  • BOC provides FREE checklists to help businesses prepare for the site survey.
  • BOC is invested in the success of your business.

Switch your accreditation to BOC

Ready to learn more about reassigning your accrediation with BOC? Contact BOC Reassignment Expert Josh Bressler who can answer your questions and review the process.

Getting Started


1. Complete and submit a Reassignment Application form with the following documentation:
  • Verification of good-standing and active accreditation status (copy of your most recent accreditation certificate with your current AO)
  • Your most recent site survey report
  • A list of the product categories included in your existing accreditation
  • Current business/professional licenses and certifications
  • Your most recent Performance Improvement (PI) reportSwitch Your Accreditation without Aggravation
  • Five current patient files, including the DME item(s) supplied and the corresponding prescription(s)

Email your application and documentation to: fa@bocusa.org

Mail your application and documentation to:

Board of Certification/Accreditation    10461 Mill Run Circle, Suite 1250    Owings Mills, MD  21117

Fax your application and documentation to: 410.581.6228

2. Review the BOC Accreditation Standards Guide.


3. The BOC Accreditation Team will review your documentation and contact you with specific information.


Ready to make the switch?

We’re ready to welcome you to BOC!

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