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CMS-Deemed Accreditation
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Accreditation Online Features – Tip #3: Update Facility Information and Online

In our last email, we told you how easy it is to update your facility’s information, anytime, from your home or office computer, simply by logging in to MyBOC.

The following updates to your accreditation may require a site survey:

  • Add or remove product categories
  • Complete a change of address

To add or remove a product category, click on “edit” next to “Facility Accreditation Product Categories” and choose the categories you want to add or remove. If the product you’re adding requires a site survey, a payment box will pop up for you to provide payment information. Once you have payed for the survey, BOC will notify you that a surveyor is coming.

To change your facility’s location, you will have to have a survey at the new address. Click on “Edit Address” and provide new location information. Then provide payment information for your site survey.

If you have any questions about these (or any other) features of MyBOC, email or call us at 877.776.2200.

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