BOC Board Of Directors

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The BOC Board of Directors is responsible for establishing the organization's vision, setting its goals, developing its plans, overseeing its activities, managing BOC resources and maintaining the organization's integrity and stature. Underlying all their duties is the recognition by every board member of the importance of the ongoing role that BOC-certified professionals and BOC-accredited facilities play in patients' lives. 

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Wayne Rosen

 "My career in healthcare has been a labor of love from the very start. I thrived on the opportunity to help others and put my heart and soul into every patient I cared for and every practitioner I mentored. I now have the opportunity to lead a group of talented individuals in shaping the future of our profession. I am honored to hold the title of BOC, Board Chair." 

Wayne R. Rosen, BOCP, BOCO, FAAOP, BOC Chair

Executive Committee
Name Position
Wayne R. Rosen, BOCP, BOCO, FAAOP Chair
Shane Ryley, BOCP, BOCO Vice-Chair
David D. Regier, ATC, MS Secretary/Public Member
William J. Powers, MBA, LFACHE Treasurer
Mark L. Parris, Pharm.D, RPh, COF Member-at-Large
L. Bradley Watson, BOCO, BOCP, LPO Immediate Past Chair
Claudia Zacharias, MBA, CAE President & CEO
Name Position
Rod Borkowski, CDME Member
Josh Bressler, COF, CDME Member
Daniel Griffis III, Pharm.D Member
Von M. Homer, M.Sc., BOCPD Member
Margy Imlay, CMF Member
Diana Klunk, CMF Member
James Mathers, COF Member
John W. "Sion" Owen, Jr., BOCPD, CDME Member
William Spear, RS, RPh, CCN Member
Richard W. Todd, COF Member

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