Contact Topics

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If you have questions requiring a specific contact person, see the list below:

Administrative topics:

Certification topics:

Continuing Education topics:

Facility Accreditation topics:

  • I have questions about the application process. (Janet Rodgers)
  • I submitted an application and would like to know where I stand. (Janet Rodgers)
  • I have questions about the survey process. (Zack Chait)
  • I received feedback about my survey, but I need some help with understanding it. (Zack Chait)
  • I need help with my accreditation renewal. (Janet Rodgers)
  • I am getting ready for reaccreditation and need help. (Janet Rodgers)
  • I need to discuss a payment I submitted to BOC for accreditation. (Janet Rodgers)


If you have general questions for BOC, please call us at 877.776.2200, or email us at