BOC Marketing Coordinator Visits O&P Facility in Haiti

January 23, 2013

BOC Marketing Coordinator Visits O&P Facility in Haiti

Carli Cohen, Marketing and Creative Design Coordinator of the Board of Certification/Accreditation, had the opportunity to visit the Medical Teams International Advantage Program, an orthotic and prosthetic facility in Les Cayes, Haiti, this past fall. While there, Cohen organized equipment and helped staff maximize use of their computerized database system.

The Advantage Program in Les Cayes, Haiti, led by Dr. June Hanks, PT, PhD, DPT, CWS, CLT, has one main objective – to empower those with physical disabilities to function independently and fully within the immediate community and society of Haiti. Dr. Hanks runs a rehabilitation clinic, makes custom orthotics and prosthetics in her workshop, and provides individuals with mobility aids like wheelchairs and crutches.

“I was struck by the beauty of Haiti and its people,” said Cohen. “Even more striking was Dr. Hanks’s impact on the community around her. She meets the vast O&P needs of the population in a joyful and self-sacrificing way.”

Jim Rogers, CPO, FAAOP, of Pinnacle O&P Services in Chattanooga, TN, takes teams of practitioners and other helpers to Les Cayes several times each year to bring equipment, train staff (photo below), and help Dr. Hanks in a variety of other ways. Cohen met Rogers attending an industry event in the spring of 2012 and was excited to be able to join his team.

During this trip, team members from Global Research Innovation & Technology (GRIT) worked alongside Dr. Hanks to introduce a new wheelchair design, the Leveraged Freedom Chair (LFC), to one of her patients (photo below). The LFC helps patients with disabilities to traverse the difficult terrain and limited pavement of Haiti and other developing countries.

Dr. June Hanks works in Haiti through the support of Medical Teams International. Information is available at If you are interested in supporting Dr. Hanks financially, donate to “Haiti Advantage Program” at

GRIT is a social enterprise start-up business based in Boston, Massachusetts. They are passionate about using technology to improve people’s lives. For more information, visit